Guide to the Baltic States

The Baltic States are known for their beautiful coastlines, rich history, and culture. They are located in north-central Europe, on the eastern edge of the Baltic Sea, and along the western border of Russia.

The term “Baltic States” refers to the three countries of EstoniaLatvia, and Lithuania. The territories declared independence from the Soviet Union in the early 1990s. Since then, the Baltic region has become a popular vacation destination. Over the years, Finland and Sweden have gained inclusion in the Baltic region due to the ease of travel to Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania afforded by their position on the Baltic Sea as well.

Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia, can easily be reached by ferry boat from Helsinki, overnight ferry from Stockholm, or by air. Tallinn has an extensive and historic Old Town, which is not to be missed, while day tours can take you to nearby communities and attractions.

Medieval sights and castles can be found in Latvia and Lithuania. The picturesque capitals of Riga and Vilnius can be reached by air or journey by car through the countryside. An overnight ferry will bring you across the Baltic Sea to Riga from Stockholm.

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