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The Sights & Sounds of Africa Are Calling

The rich, red clay of East Africa. The deafening thunder of the Victoria Falls crashing over a lip on the Zambezi River. The startling alarm call of a baboon sensing a leopard nearby. The kaleidoscope of botanical hues frosting the fynbos of the Cape. The lively bartering chatter at the local market. The unmistakable roar of a lion across the savanna.

Africa’s unforgettable sights and sounds are calling. Are you ready to answer? With our help, it will be easy and extraordinary. Let’s get started planning your journey to Africa.

Custom Travel to East Africa & Southern Africa

Borton Overseas creates customized journeys to Africa, each crafted with your travel preferences in mind and developed to give you more than just a taste of this remarkable continent. We currently travel to East and Southern Africa, as well as the neighboring islands and beaches of the Indian Ocean.

You can enjoy luxury rail and river journeys, sleep under canvas under a blanket of stars, immerse yourself in local cultures, gaze in awe at the world’s largest waterfalls, climb Africa’s highest mountain, explore savvy cities, and visit villages barely touched by modern amenities.

The options are endless. The delights are plenty. And the experiences are priceless.

Exotic Experiences Await

Wildlife Unlike Any Other.

From chimp and gorilla trekking to exciting game drives, you can encounter wildlife and explore wilderness like never before. From migrating herds to exotic birds to Africa’s very own “Big Five” – lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo.

Nature's bounty in all its glory.

Take in Africa’s incredibly varied landscapes that include deserts, mountains, jungles, savannas, inland deltas, coastlines, winelands, waterholes and much more.

Activities a-plenty for the occasional adventurer and thrill-seeker.

Hot air ballooning, mountain climbing, white-water rafting, helicopter flips, canoeing, horseback riding, walking safaris, biking, and fishing are just a few of the options available for the adventurer in you.

History and culture offer deep insight.

Africa holds a history that will humble and inspire. This is a continent that has endured, overcome and evolved with grace and dignity. From archeological sites of Olduvai, Lalibela and Sterkfontein to the monuments of change like Robben Island in Cape Town and the Genocide Memorial in Kigali. From museums to art galleries to village visits to observe traditional cultures almost unchanged over time.

Delectable delights for every palate.

Rich coffees and teas; fresh fruits and vegetables; succulent roasts and savory soups; freshly baked breads and irresistible sweets. Africa presents a wonderful variety of cuisine to take your taste buds on a journey all their own. Oh yes, did we mention world class wines and craft beers abound?

This is Africa. Are you ready?

Why Work With Borton Overseas to Design Your African Journey?

We get personal!

With over three decades of experience, knowledge and trusted relationships in African travel to ensure you the best safari experience possible. We’ll craft together hand-picked accommodations, unique concepts and authentic experiences into a journey based on your travel preferences. From your very first call to Borton, you’ll work with one of our experienced Africa specialists. One person who will get to know YOU, your travel style and your dreams and craft a journey designed for you. Whether you prefer luxury or a more conservative travel style, we’ll let you know where to splurge and where to save. We also offer several small group adventures. Whether you are traveling solo or just enjoy the camaraderie of traveling with others, your specialist can help find the best fit for you. Our pre-departure services will prepare you for the trip of a lifetime.

Make an Impact!

Feel even better about your adventure and make a positive contribution to the African people and environment by choosing Borton Overseas. We partner with respected, licensed African suppliers who employ and support local communities. Their company foundations are built on making wise cultural and environmental choices. A portion of Borton Overseas profits supports NGOs and non-profits who are committed to making a sustainable difference in Africa. Your simple act of choosing to travel to Africa with Borton Overseas helps to support the very countries we travel in!

Photo: Andrea Berger/Borton Overseas

Embrace the Sights & Sounds of Africa

Let Us Plan Your Journey

A trip to Africa is life-altering. It gets under your skin and into your blood. It delivers exhilarating encounters and enchanting experiences. It fills your soul and leaves you craving for more.

In short, Africa is an amazing place and our Borton Overseas Destination Specialists want to help you experience it in the very best way. Start planning your journey to Africa. Call us at 800-843-0602 or contact us online.