Latin America

Delight in the Diversity of Latin America

Discover a land of extremes on your trip to Latin America. In one place, the atmosphere is so thin and clear that you can stare deep into space with your naked eye; in another, the tree canopy is so thick you can only see a few feet ahead of you. A land where deep in the forest, a tribe of people can live completely unaware that there are people other than themselves, and only a few hundred miles away is a modern city that has grown up around its old colonial roots. You can drink world-class wines or directly from a glacier-fed stream. Dance the tango or learn to shoot blow darts. From mountains to seas, jungles to deserts, glamorous cityscapes to remote island landscapes, both Central and South America has a diversity that will delight every taste and sense of adventure.

Your journey awaits! If you are ready to experience these extraordinary continents, give one of our Destination Specialists a call. We will design a custom vacation package to Latin America that meets your travel goals, time frame, and budget.

Choosing your Latin American Experience

Borton Overseas creates customized journeys throughout Latin America. We work with you to create the perfect itinerary to experience just what you are looking for on this remarkable continent. We offer the best Latin America tours to the following destinations:

You can see the extraordinary animals that inspired Charles Darwin, creep along the jungle floor looking for monkeys and birds, trek the stunning W route of Torres del Paine, stomp grapes to make your own wine, meet face-to-face with Moai on Easter Island, or dance the night away doing the Tango.  Savor the beaches of Costa Rica after experiencing the Hanging Bridges and wildlife of the rain forest.

The options for your Latin America vacation are endless. The delights are plenty. And the experiences are priceless.

If You Can Imagine It, It's Here


Trips to Latin America offer world-class culture. Try the world-class cuisine in Buenos Aires, “the Paris of South America,” and learn to Tango (or just watch). In Santiago, sip fine wine from the nearby Colchagua valley while you experience the vibrant culture that inspired the poetry of Pablo Neruda. Quito and Lima offer glimpses into the ancient Incan culture as well as modern glitz.


The majestic Andes Mountains run the length of the continent and offer all the high altitude adventures and photography opportunities one could hope for. Iguazu Falls, the largest waterfall complex on Earth, is a sight to behold. The vast altiplano and deserts have the clearest skies to gaze deep into space, and the jungles of the Amazon have the highest biodiversity anywhere on the planet. The stark beauty of Patagonia is legendary, and best experienced by staying close to nature in an eco-lodge.


Latin America has nearly 31,000 miles of coastline touching the Pacific, Atlantic, and Southern Oceans as well as the Caribbean Sea. Costa Rica, in Central America, boasts the traditional cuisine that is second to none along with volcanos, rainforests and waterfalls, along with pristine beaches that offer the ultimate relaxation. Partake in a cruise through the Chilean Fjords or sail a yacht through the inimitable Galapagos Islands with opportunities to stop to swim and kayak. Off the coast of Chile, you can explore Easter Island, one of the most remote and mysterious places on Earth. Or head south to Tierra del Fuego – which is beautiful and wild – and down to Cape Horn, the jumping off point to Antarctica.

Or just escape...

Going off the beaten path is easy when you vacation in Latin America. From the temperate rainforests of Chile to the dense tropical rainforests of Ecuador, the high mountain passes of the Andes to dodging icebergs in the fjords of Patagonia, or simply finding yourself relaxing on the beaches of Costa Rica, you will find peace and solitude. Feel the full force of nature as you listen to the powerful rush of water at Iguazu Falls, or take in the quieter, but no less impressive, calving glaciers at Los Glaciares National Park. If isolation is your goal on your trip to Latin America, you can find a spot all to yourself in nearly any climate you can imagine.

This is Latin America. Are you ready?

Why Work With Borton Overseas to Design Your Latin American Journey?

It's all in the details.

When it comes to Latin America tour companies, Borton Overseas rises above and beyond the competition. Our Specialists have traveled throughout the continent to discover the best places to visit, both on and off the beaten path. Our first-hand knowledge allows us to give you the unique and tailored experiences you desire for your tour. We partner with trusted vendors in each country and work with them to get you the best hotels, the most exciting excursions, and the most experienced guides. The difference between having a good trip and an extraordinary journey is all in the details. All you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call!

Leave only footprints.

At Borton Overseas, we are committed to our partners in travel. We work closely with local operators who are trained to leave no impact on the environment and who respect the frailty of the ecosystem. From sustainable lodges to educational training for the guides, we have a firm commitment to protecting the environment and the local communities on all of our trips to Latin America. 

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