Customized Journeys

Tailoring Custom Travel Itineraries to

Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Latin America & Scandinavia

What makes Borton Overseas different from a travel agency? As a tour operator, our staff are Destination Specialists, who have traveled to the destinations we offer! We use first-hand knowledge to design exclusive travel experiences for individuals and groups–from a multi-generation family safari in Africa, to a culinary and wine experience in Argentina, to a cultural immersion program in Southeast Asia–all while delivering exceptional service.

Whether you’re interested in independent travel, guided tours, or a combination of both, we can help you make the most of your trip to Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Latin America or Scandinavia. Choose from any of our itinerary suggestions on the website, or have one of our experienced travel specialists customize an itinerary based on your budget, travel style, personal interests, and travel goals. The possibilities are truly endless!

Crafting Your Journey

When you work with Borton Overseas, you get much more than a custom vacation package; you get to partner with a Destination Specialist who will be your ally from day one. Your Specialist will take care of all the details–booking accommodations, transportation, sightseeing, and activities–as well as provide detailed final documents and destination information that can make or break your trip. Your Specialist will work with you with you to understand your likes, dislikes, goals, and more– all with an eye to bringing to life the journey you’ve been dreaming of.

Already know where you want to go and what you want to do?

Send your Destination Specialist your wish list! We’ll incorporate this into an exclusive itinerary, and can make suggestions for additional items or guided tours to enhance your journey.

Not sure where you want to go or what you want to do yet?

Browse our extensive list of itinerary suggestions for both independent travel and guided tours. We can modify any of these itineraries to fit your travel style and budget.

No matter where you want to travel or what you want to experience, you can rely on your Destination Specialist to bring knowledge, experience, and passion for travel. They will design a travel experience you will remember for the rest of your life.

Let's get started on your custom journey!

From expedition cruises to Antarctica to heritage discovery tours in Scandinavia, our tour operators use first-hand knowledge to design exclusive experiences–all while delivering exceptional service. Let us design the custom vacation package of your dreams! Contact Borton Overseas today at 800-843-0602 or send us an email.