Researchers Tag Whales on a Life-changing Trip to Antarctica

Witness Whale-tagging and Participate in Citizen Science on a Trip to Antarctica

The travel experience continues to evolve. Many travelers want to be more than observers. They want fulfillment from a trip–to do something rewarding. Instead of bringing home souvenirs, they want to bring home memories of involvement, of life-enriching, educational, or experiential encounters. So when planning a trip, they seek out tour operators and trips which offer opportunities to participate in activities, contribute to the culture, and other tactile experiences.

If you’re looking for a life-changing journey, nothing compares to a tour to Antarctica. The “White Continent” is a destination with many opportunities to observe, participate, and engage all of your senses. My trip to Antarctica was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. From the excitement of crossing the Drake Passage in the wake of famous explorers to my first sight of Antarctica, the experience was profound. The stark and majestic landscape, the smell of the sea air and penguins, and my first steps on this vast continent are etched in my memory. And while I discovered so much about the continent through the experts on the ship, so much of Antarctica is still a mystery to the scientific community.

An opportunity for you to help reveal some of the unknown is possible on Borton Overseas’ Water, Wildlife and the Wonders of Antarctica cruise , Feb 28 – March 15, 2019. Join our group of intrepid travelers as we journey alongside scientists* from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) to conduct critical research with regard to the health and well-being on Antarctic waters and the animals that rely on it. Among the important work that will be done on this voyage is whale-tagging; the scientists will go out in zodiac boats with special equipment, which will attach tracking devices to the whales. The tracking devices transmit valuable information via satellite back to the researchers.

The timing of this tour to Antarctica is exceptional, since March is when the marine and other wildlife prepare for their annual migration. Aboard the cruise, our group can take part in other important research, such as collecting water samples, which will be analyzed to evaluate the health of the Antarctic waters. Bird identification and counts, as well as whale-tail identification, are other important projects our group can participate in, which will provide valuable data to researchers about the wildlife habits.

When it comes to Antarctica travel packages, this cruise is worth every penny. Accommodations are on board the well-appointed, 112-passenger all-suite MS Island Sky. Passengers will enjoy gourmet meals, comfortable public areas, an onboard photography coach, and an excellent group of scientists and ocean/marine scholars* who will share their knowledge with us. All this is in addition to several shore landings and cruising amongst the icebergs in zodiacs, as well as extras such as sea-kayaking and camping for a night onshore.

When your trip to Antarctica is over, you will be able to look back and recall with vivid clarity a truly life-changing voyage. You will have an enhanced global perspective. Your photos will be evidence of where you’ve been and what you did, and you will know that you contributed to something much, much bigger.

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Planning a trip to the bottom of the earth may seem daunting, but as a tour operator Borton Overseas’ Destination Specialists will guide you every step of the way. For this tour to Antarctica, Linda McCormick, Managing Director of Borton Overseas will be on board with the group, ensuring that your journey goes as planned so you can relax and enjoy the trip.

Ready to book? Don’t wait–space is limited! Connect with a specialist today by calling 800-843-0602 or connect with us online  to start planning your journey. Your trip to Antarctica awaits.

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*Meet the Scientists and Marine Scholars on the Expedition

WHOI Whale Study Team

Team Leader: Daniel Zitterbart, PhD
Dan will be leading this study. He is a specialist in the use of motion in biological systems and uses artificial intelligence to unravel behavioral traits. He will be responsible for the study’s design, protocols and experiment execution.

Whale Behavioral Specialist: Kylie Owen, PhD
Kylie is the team’s whale foraging specialist. She will take the lead in finding the whales, following them, and assessing their behavior throughout the tour to Antarctica.

Krill Specialist: Joseph D Warren, PhD
Joe is an expert in finding what whales eat. He will operate the sonar we use to map krill distribution during our study.

Whale Tracking Technician: Alessandro Bocconcelli, MS
Alex has been involved with whale studies for more than 30 years, and will be responsible for all of the technology used in this study.

Special Guest

Peter Neill, Founder W.O.O.
Peter is the Founder and Director of the World Ocean Observatory, a web-based place of exchange about the ocean and its relationship to climate, fresh water, food, energy, health, security, economic development, policy, governance, and cultural traditions. As a featured lecturer throughout our tour to Antarctica, Peter will help us to better understand how this continent impacts the whole planet.

WHOI Guest Investigator

Polar Latitudes Marine Mammals Specialist: Annette Bombosch, PhD
Annette studied humpback habitats in the Southern Ocean for her PhD, and has been part of the Polar Latitudes Expedition Team since 2014. She is one of Polar Latitudes’ Citizen Science Coordinators and leads the communication of the team’s scientific methods and results to the guests.