Melody is our resident air specialist! With over 25 years in the travel industry, she is very excited to lend her knowledge and attention to detail to Borton Overseas!

She has traveled extensively throughout the United States, all around the Caribbean and in Sweden.  

In her free time she enjoys spending time with family and cheering on the Minnesota Vikings! She looks forward to helping you fly wherever your dreams take you!

What aspect of travel do you enjoy the most?

Being inspired by all of the new experiences, cultures, people, and beautiful new landscapes that traveling creates. Feeling renewed and rejuvenated during and after a wonderful trip!

What is one thing you would never travel without?

My camera.

What has been your most life-changing travel experience?

Traveling to the West Indies. Experiencing the beauty of this region was amazing!

What has traveling taught you about yourself?

Traveling truly enriches me, and allows me to step outside of my comfort zone into what this fabulous world has to offer. Getting acquainted with different cultures, meeting new people, tasting new food, and experiencing new cities. I learn something new everything time I travel!

What is your favorite destination, and why?

Stockholm, Sweden. I fell in love with Gamla Stan. It’s majestic beauty intrigued me with all of the cobblestone streets, churches, café’s, shops, and stunning architecture. It’s a feeling that you are in a storybook with all of the character in this whimsical town.

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