Driving in Scandinavia

Driving in Scandinavia is a great way to see what the countries have to offer. As in the United States, the Scandinavians drive on the right and pass on the left.

Although the road signs are slightly different, they are easy to see and understand. Many areas are heavily forested so be sure to take the “Animal Crossing” signs seriously. The five countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden all require drivers and passengers to wear their seat belts, and for vehicles to use their headlights regardless of the time or light. The blood/alcohol limit for drivers is 0.05 (0.02 in Sweden), and there are stiff penalties if one is over the limit. But it is best to avoid alcohol completely when driving, especially considering the frequent round-abouts and often winding roads.

Something to keep an eye out for are speed cameras. If you are speeding, the camera will take a picture of the license plate and the driver, then send you a citation. If you are speeding in a rental car, the citation is either sent to the rental agency, where they will charge your credit card on file, or pass along the citation to you or your travel agent.

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