The Holiday Travel Trend

Holiday Travel Trend

The holiday travel trend is becoming increasingly popular. From romantic Valentine’s Day getaways and New Year’s Eve trips, to visiting Santa in Finland, the options are endless. Or you could choose to visit another country to celebrate one of its cultural holidays, such as Syttende Mai in Norway, or the Festival of Light in India. Holidays are the staples of any country, and are a wonderful way to experience the local culture, so why not celebrate with them first hand?

The most important thing to remember about holiday travel is to plan ahead (at least 6 months is recommended), since flight and hotel availability could become challenging. Believe us, you are not the only one who came up with that fantastic idea to spend midsummer in Sweden or New Year’s Eve in Iceland! Around the holidays, even the locals will be traveling. Planning ahead assures that your arrangements will be confirmed at the best possible price. This isn’t a time to wait for “deals.” Here at Borton Overseas, we will also make sure that you know what museums and attractions are open or closed and what events are taking place so you can get the most out of your trip!

Let us help you celebrate the holidays in style! Call us – we will craft the perfect trip just for you!