Patricia Porter

Group Tour Specialist


After experiencing Sweden for a year as an exchange student, Patricia developed a passion for exploring the world and sharing with others. This led to a long career of creating group travel experiences and accompanying both old and new friends to destinations all over the planet. When asked what really has stood out as extraordinary about this travel-lifestyle, she will tell you confidently…it is truly the people you meet along the way.


What aspect of travel do you enjoy the most?

The people. I have seen so many, many amazing places and never want to downplay that – but it is the people I either take along on the journey or meet along the way that seem to impact me most.

What is one thing you would never travel without?

My passport. Yes, for logistical reasons, of course…but I was taught at a young age that my passport is the most valuable document I will ever own. It is my ticket go out and explore. My life has certainly supported that.

What has been your most life-changing travel experience?

There have been many…..but experiencing the D-Day Celebrations in Normandy France had a profound impact on me. It was not only the significance of what went on there decades ago – but the way the local people NEVER forgot and celebrate those brave young men from long ago. I think the lesson here was about gratitude. And never underestimating the impact we all can have in the world around us.

What has traveling taught you about yourself?

That I can do big things if I put my mind to it. And the reward in this is turning around and helping the next person discover the same.

What is your favorite destination, and why?

Home! Now why would a travel professional say such a thing? Because this is my base to plan to the next adventure…and the world is full of endless possibilities.

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