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Jeannine Schreiber

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With a mother born in Sweden and a sister and niece living in Stockholm, Sverige holds a special place in Jeannine’s heart. She has enjoyed traveling through the country many times. Several of those trips have been tours with the Svenskarnas Dag Girls’ Choir, both as a member and a parent. In her free time, Jeannine loves handicrafts, singing and being with her family.

What aspect of travel do you enjoy the most?

Seeing the creative efforts of those in other parts of the world. Whether the construction of ancient buildings, the designs of traditional items, or locally made handicrafts, they always inspire me to create something new of my own.

What is one thing you would never travel without?

A large scarf! It can be my blanket on a chilly plane, give protection from the sun, tied into a bag to carry items, and is easy to pack. They also make great souvenirs of your journeys.

What has been your most life-changing travel experience?

While I don’t know if travel has changed my life, having the opportunity and experience of travel has certainly enhanced it. From realizing how small the world really is by, when across the Atlantic, meeting someone who has cheered on the same High School soccer team in the same small stadium to gaining insights into family history by visiting the country of my ancestors, travel has been enlightening and a blessing to me.

What has traveling taught you about yourself?

That I enjoy roaming at a little (just a little) slower pace. And that it’s ok! If I’m intrigued by a site, a scene, or my surroundings, it’s ok to take my time to really experience it. If I miss the next “highlight”, that’s just a reason to come back!

What is your favorite destination, and why?

Right now I have to say Stockholm. (My family made me say it!) I love the mix of old and new, nature and city. Being from Minnesota it makes me feel at home and far away at the same time. But who knows what my next favorite destination will be!

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