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Sigulda Bobsled Track, Latvia

Andrea Berkeland

Scandinavia Specialist


As a Scandinavia Specialist at Borton Overseas, Andrea develops personal journeys for single travelers, couples, and families. Having helped a family where two of the travelers weren’t yet born, to a couple wanting to visit as many ancestral heritage sites as possible in one week, she is ready to help any travelers who want to visit the happiest place on earth.

Andrea has traveled extensively in Scandinavia and the Nordic region. She has a Bachelor of Liberal Arts Degree from Luther College where she majored in Nordic Studies and Political Science.

What aspect of travel do you enjoy the most?

My favorite part of traveling is the time you are waiting at the gate before that first flight of the trip. I love relaxing, calling my family and letting them know I made it through security, and just anticipating the amazing adventures ahead.

What is one thing you would never travel without?

I always pack a swimsuit, even if I have no plans for swimming. A swimsuit is something that can be difficult to get a hold of if a surprise, amazing opportunity to swim comes up. I say it is always best to be prepared!

What has been your most life-changing travel experience?

In spring 2017 I had the opportunity to visit Finnish Lapland and it was amazing. Being in the arctic wilderness, something I had read about, studied, and seen pictures of, truly showed me that the real life beauty of a place can only be experienced in person. I am amazingly lucky to have been given the opportunity to travel so much, I hope to never take it for granted.

What has traveling taught you about yourself?

I am really a people person at heart. I have enjoyed solo travel and the freedom to do whatever I want, but sharing experiences with friends and loved ones is a treat and I will always choose to travel with others over a trip by myself. Plus, it’s always nice to have someone to watch your luggage when you want to use the restroom at the airport!

What is your favorite destination, and why?

My all-time favorite destination is Norway. As the home of my ancestors and the location of my first international trip, it has truly made an impact for the better on my life. The beauty of Norway is inspiring, and I want everyone to experience that.

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