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Meet Magnus & Ingrid - Borton's Traveling Vikings

Meet Magnus & Ingrid - Borton's Traveling Vikings Image

Meet the newest members of the Borton Overseas team, Ingrid and Magnus. They are just a pair of fun-loving Vikings with the wanderlust of their ancestors running through their veins. They love to travel, try new things, and meet new people. They were hoping you would let them travel with you on your upcoming Borton Overseas adventure!

Won’t you let them stow away in your suitcase?
Don’t worry, they won’t take up much room!

Just like you, they like having their picture taken when they travel so they can remember their journeys fondly. We encourage you to take their photo in your favorite places on your journey.

Photos typically include them:

  • In front of a beautiful landscape
  • Doing some fun activity
  • As part of a group picture of all of you. 

For examples, look at the image gallery below which features their most recent exploits.

Once you have taken the photos we encourage you to share them by:

  • Sending the photo, along with a description of where it was taken, to your Destination Specialist (the person who planned your trip). Your photos will then be added to an online photo album of all Ingrid and Magnus' adventures.
    • We might also add travel quotes to these photos and use them on social media. (Please feel free to indicate whether or not you would like credit for your photos)
  • Post the photo directly on social media! If you choose to post the photo on social media be sure to include #travelingvikings and their location in the post so we can follow along!

Ingrid and Magnus will arrive with your travel documents after booking a trip with Borton Overseas. It is completely up to you whether you decide to bring them along, but we hope you let them join in on your fun!

Happy Travels!

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